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MicroGold Micro-Finance Software

Is a  comprehensive microfinance software developed for start up and growing microfinance companies. This application is a custom base application that customers are to contribute to the development of the software to suit his/her needs.

Microgold is developed using PHP, XML, JS Script C# and .Net technology. It comes with a SQL Server Express database as part of the package .It is a Multi-User MIS application for Micro-finance. It combines basic Client data with Shares, Savings and Loan transactions and every entry is automatically updated in the General Ledger. The Software also comes with an Assets ‘ and Debtors/Creditors’ module .In addition you can other accounting transactions and produce your financial statements at end of the day.

Microgold handles individual clients, groups and businesses. Deposits and loans cab be tracked at group level or at group-member level. This makes the program suitable for Solidarity lending, Mobile-Banking and Islamic-type lending.

mTransactions are directly processed as they are keyed in, but the user can also do batch-processing  by importing transactions from external files. You can use Microgold as a back-office application in a Centralized environment with many   branches or on the counter in a De-Centralized environment where Microgold runs in a branch office. In the latter case , consolidation of branch data at Head Office can take placed by importing branch data into a corporate database.

Microgold supports cash transactions, transactions by cheque , transfers from /to the client’s savings account (s) and transfer from/to bank. The user can define several cash accounts and each cashier can be linked to his/her own cash account. It has a Cash  module where transactions can be entered that are not shares, savings or loan transactions .At the end of the day each cashier can print his/her own cash transactions report and reconcile this with the physical cash.

Microgold comes with a standard chart of accounts, but this can be deleted or replaced by another chart. Accounts can be added, modified or deleted. Accounting data can be exported to other ,third party accounting software An Audit Trail is available so you can see who logged into the system and who posted which transactions.

Microgold can be linked to an external planning Tool in the form of an Excel spreadsheet .This spreadsheet/planning model can be modified so that it generates monthly targets for a number of indicators.

Microgold can read those indicators and produce a monthly monitoring report, where these targets are compared to actual achievements.



-Runs as standalone or multi-user program on peer –to-peer, file-server, client-server, LAN or WAN networks.

-Printing of receipts for deposits/disbursements/repayments etc. A default printer can be assigned and special receipt formats can be defined for different operations .Receipt can be printed  to files as well and can be logged per user.

-All reports carry the logo of the institution and the name of the branch , the name of the user who printed the report as well as the date of printing.

-Reports can be customized to suit the needs of the micro-finance institution.



Microgold can sync with online dashboard such that all reports can be viewed on remote area thus where Directors or Management are not directly running the institution they can view all transactions at wherever they are via internet on their smart phone and laptops.



The system can be linked to SMS server from our server such that every transaction that happens in customers’ accounts will issue sms to the customer.

Also management can have sms report on total lodgment and disbursement at the end of the day or at any specific given time.


System Requirements

Works on Windows 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1
Works on 64 & 32 bit Windows
Mac OS X 10.4 or above

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